SCI papers (Last update 19/03/2018)

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                                                               [Supervised student underline;  *for equal contribution as first author]

mitesARRIBAS, P.; ANDÚJAR, C.; MORAZA, M.L.; LINARD, B.; EMERSON, B.C. & VOGLER, A.P.  A local sample of soil holds the ancient diversity of mites and provides a backbone tree for the subclass Acari. (Under review).

staphiliniformiaLINARD, B.; CRAMPTON-PLATT, A.; MORINIERE, J.;  TIMMERMANS M.J.; ANDÚJAR, C.; ARRIBAS, P.; MILLER, K.; LIPECKI, J.; FAVREAU, E.; GÓMEZ-RODRÍGUEZ, C.; BARTON, C.; NIE, R.E.; GILLET, C.P.D.T.; BREESCHOTEN, T.; BOCAK, L. & VOGLER, A.P. The contribution of mitochondrial metagenomics to largescale data mining and phylogenetic analysis of Coleoptera(Under review). Preprint

Hydropsyche pellucidula.ANDÚJAR, C.; ARRIBAS, P.; GRAY, C.; BRUCE, K.; WOODWARD, G.; YU, D. & VOGLER, A.P. 2018. Metabarcoding of freshwater invertebrates to detect the effects of a pesticide spill. Molecular Ecology, 27: 146-166. Link pdf

typhloANDÚJAR, C.; PÉREZ, S.; ARRIBAS, P.; ZABALLOS, J.; VOGLER, A.P. & RIBERA, I. 2017. Speciation below ground: Tempo and mode of diversification in a radiation of endogean ground beetles. Molecular Ecology, 26: 6053-6070. Link pdf

enoPALLARÉS, S.; ARRIBAS, P.; BILTON, D.T.; MILLÁN, A.; VELASCO, J. & RIBERA, I.  2017. The chicken or the egg? Adaptation to desiccation and salinity tolerance in a lineage of water beetles. Molecular Ecology, 26: 5614-5628. Link pdf

ANDÚJAR, C.; ARRacaro_collIBAS, P. & VOGLER, A.P. 2017. Terra incognita of soil biodiversity: unseen invasions under our feet. Molecular Ecology, 26: 3087–3089. Link pdf

iberobaenia.ANDÚJAR, C.; ARRIBAS, P.; LINARD, B.; KUNDRATA, R.; BOCAK, L. & VOGLER, A.P. 2017 The mitochondrial genome of Iberobaenia (Coleoptera: Iberobaeniidae): First rearrangement of protein coding genes in the beetles. Mitochondrial DNA, 28(2): 156-158.  Link pdf

enoPALLARÉS, S.; BOTELLA-CRUZ, M.; ARRIBAS, P.; MILLÁN, A. &  VELASCO, J. 2017. Aquatic insects in a multistress environment: cross-tolerance to salinity and desiccation. Journal of Experimental Biology, 220: 1277-1286. Link pdf

Hydropsyche pellucidula.LINARD, B.; ARRIBAS, P.; ANDÚJAR, C.; CRAMPTON-PLATT, A.; VOGLER, A.P. 2017. The mitogenome of Hydropsyche pellucidula (Hydropsychidae): first gene arrangement in the insect order Trichoptera. Mitochondrial DNA, 28(1): 71-72. Link pdf

ochSÁNCHEZ-FERNÁNDEZ, D.; ARRIBAS, P. & ABELLÁN, P. 2016. Advances and links between ecological niche models and phylogeography. Frontiers of Biogeography, 8(4): e32338. Link pdf

staphiliniformiaLINARD, B.*; ARRIBAS, P.*; ANDÚJAR, C.; CRAMPTON-PLATT, A.; VOGLER, A.P. 2016 Lessons from genome skimming of arthropod-preserving ethanol. Molecular Ecology Resources, 16(6): 1365-1377. *equal contribution. Link pdf

PAenoLLARÉS, S.; VELASCO, J.; MILLÁN, A.; BILTON, D.T. & ARRIBAS, P. 2016. Aquatic insects dealing with dehydration: do desiccation resistance traits differ in species with contrasting habitat preferences? PeerJ, 4: e2382. Link pdf

ARRacaro_collIBAS, P.; ANDÚJAR, C.; HOPKINS, K.; SHEPHERD, M. & VOGLER, A.P. 2016. Metabarcoding and mitochondrial metagenomics of endogean arthropods to unveil mesofauna of the soil. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 7(1): 1071-1081. Link pdf

enoARRIBAS, P.; ABELLÁN, P.; VELASCO, J. & MILLÁN, A. 2015. Evolutionary ecology, biogeography and conservation of water beetles in Mediterranean saline ecosystems. Limnetica, 34(2): 481-494. Link pdf

typhloANDÚJAR, C.; ARRIBAS, P.; RUZICKA, F.; CRAMPTON-PLATT, A.; TIMMERMANS M.J., A. & VOGLER, A.P. 2015. Phylogenetic community ecology of soil biodiversity using mitochondrial metagenomics. Molecular Ecology, 24(14): 3603-3617. Link pdf *Perspective on our paper published in same Molecular Ecology issue*

nebPALLARÉS, S.; ARRIBAS, P.; BILTON, D.T.; MILLÁN, A. & VELASCO, J. 2015. The comparative osmoregulatory ability of two water beetle genera whose species span the fresh-hypersaline gradient in inland waters (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae, Hydrophilidae). PloS ONE, 10(4): e0124299. Link pdf

carabusANDÚJAR, C.; ARRIBAS, P.; RUIZ, C.; SERRANO, J.; GÓMEZ-ZURITA, J. 2014. Integration of conflict into Integrative Taxonomy: Fitting hybridization in the delimitation of species in Mesocarabus (Coleoptera: Carabidae). Molecular Ecology, 23(17): 4344-4361. Link pdf *Perspective on our paper published in same Molecular Ecology issue*

enoARRIBAS, P.; ANDÚJAR, C.; ABELLÁN, P.; VELASCO, J.; MILLÁN, A. & RIBERA, I. 2014. Tempo and mode of the multiple origins of salinity tolerance in a water beetle lineage. Molecular Ecology, 23(2): 360-373. Link pdf

nebCÉSPEDES, V.; PALLARÉS, S.; ARRIBAS, P.; MILLÁN, A. & VELASCO, J. 2013. Water beetle tolerance to salinity and anionic composition and its relationship to habitat occupancy. Journal of Insect Physiology, 59(10): 1076-1084. Link pdf

enoARRIBAS, P.; ANDÚJAR, C.; SÁNCHEZ-FERNÁNDEZ, D.; ABELLÁN, P. & MILLÁN, A. 2013. Integrative taxonomy and conservation of cryptic beetles in the Mediterranean region (Hydrophilidae). Zoologica Scripta, 42(2): 182-200. Link pdf

ochPALLARÉS, S.; ARRIBAS, P.; CÉSPEDES, V.; P.; MILLÁN, A. & VELASCO, J. 2012. Lethal and sublethal behavioural responses of saline water beetles to acute heat and osmotic stress. Ecological Entomology, 37(6): 508-520. Link pdf

nebARRIBAS, P.; ABELLÁN, P.; VELASCO, J.; BILTON, D.T.; MILLÁN, A. & SÁNCHEZ-FERNÁNDEZ, D. 2012. Evaluating drivers of vulnerability to climate change: a guide for insect conservation strategies. Global Change Biology, 18(7): 2135-2146. Link pdf

ochABELLÁN, P.; ARRIBAS, P. & SVENNING, J.C. 2012. Geological habitat template overrides late Quaternary climate change as a determinant of range dynamics and phylogeography in some habitat-specialist water beetles. Journal of Biogeography, 39(5): 970-983. Link pdf

enoARRIBAS, P.; VELASCO, J.; ABELLÁN, P.; SÁNCHEZ-FERNÁNDEZ, D.; ANDÚJAR, C.; CALOSI, P.; MILLÁN, A.; RIBERA, I. & BILTON, D.T. 2012. Dispersal ability rather than ecological tolerance drives differences in range size between lentic and lotic water beetles (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae). Journal of Biogeography, 39(5): 984-994. Link pdf

ochMILLÁN, A.; VELASCO, J.; GUTIÉRREZ-CÁNOVAS, C.; ARRIBAS, P.; PICAZO, F; SÁNCHEZ-FERNÁNDEZ, D. & ABELLÁN, P. 2011. Mediterranean saline streams in southeast Spain: What do we know? Journal of Arid Environments, 75(12): 1352-1359. Link pdf

aphelocheirusCARBONELL, J. A., ABELLÁN, P., ARRIBAS, P., ELDER, J. F. & MILLÁN. A. 2011. The Genus Aphelocheirus Westwood, 1833 (Hemiptera: Aphelocheiridae) in the Iberian Peninsula. Zootaxa, 2771: 1-16. Link pdf

nebSÁNCHEZ‐FERNÁNDEZ, D.; CALOSI, P.; ATFIELD, A.; ARRIBAS, P.; VELASCO, J.; SPICER, J.I.; MILLÁN, A. & BILTON, D.T. 2010. Reduced salinities compromise the thermal tolerance of hypersaline specialist diving beetles. Physiological entomology, 35(3): 265-273. Link pdf